Information for Bidders

Deposits and Refund Requests

Users are required to register before placing bids.

Wire Transfer and ACH Deposits

If you wish to participate in online foreclosure sales, it will be necessary to set up your account and have monies available for bidding prior to the sale. If you wish to initiate a Wire Transfer, please allow 48 hours for funds availability; for ACH Deposits, allow four business days for funds availability.

Cash, Money Order, and Certified Check Deposits

The cut off for account set up and securing guaranteed funds (cash, money order and certified check) is the close of the business day before the sale for funds to be deposited into the Clerk and Comptroller’s account, and available for bidding. The Clerk and Comptroller’s office cannot guarantee processing of your account and deposit the morning of the sale.

It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure that a deposit of 5% of the maximum bid intended to be placed will be deposited as required by the auction site User Agreement. In the event that less than the required 5% of the maximum bid has been deposited prior to the sale, the bid will be deemed invalid and declined at the time of bidding. No notice will be provided to the bidder that a maximum bid exceeds the 5% of the funds deposited.

Requests for Deposit Refunds

Funds on deposit are only returned when requested. To request a refund, users must click the “Request Refund” link once they are logged in to the online foreclosures application at, and all refund requests shall be processed through that system. A check in the amount of the refund will be mailed to the registered depositor at the postal address indicated on the registered user’s account; third party requests will not be processed.

Registry and sales fees are earned at the time services are rendered. Registry fees are earned upon deposit. Sales fees are earned upon a sale being auctioned to a high bidder. Such fees are non-refundable despite an order vacating or setting aside a sale. Such risks associated with foreclosure sales are assumed by the depositor (bidder or plaintiff).

Information for Plaintiffs

Proof of Publication and Payment of Sale Fees

If you wish to participate in online foreclosure sales, proof of publication and payment of sale fee must be received in the Clerk’s office no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before the sale. Sale fees for sales that proceed to sale absent a filed proof of publication will not be refunded as said fee is earned at the time of sale.