COVID-19 Update

Effective March 23, 2020limited services are available due to COVID-19. Entrance to the Clerk and Comptroller's office is permitted for customers seeking emergency relief for a child pick-up order who are not represented by an attorney.

Legal Representation in Family Law Cases 

As in all matters involving the law, if you don't feel fully comfortable or qualified to represent yourself, you may want to consider obtaining the services of a competent attorney. If you decide to represent yourself, this office can provide you with the appropriate Dissolution of Marriage packet. There are four separate packets from which to choose, based on your family circumstances. Dissolution of Marriage packets are comprised of Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms, as well as additional forms provided by the 12th Judicial Circuit.

The Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms have been developed for use by the Florida Supreme Court, and are designed for use by everyone, but are especially helpful to individuals who wish to represent themselves (pro se) in court matters related to family law. The additional forms in the Dissolution of Marriage packets that are provided by the 12th Judicial Circuit are forms that are designed for specific use within the 12th Circuit.

Self-Help (Pro Se) program

The 12th Judicial Circuit Family Division Self Help Office provides case management services for Non Child Support Enforcement Family Division matters and access to forms designed for use within the 12th Judicial Circuit.

Florida State Courts Self Help

The Florida Courts Family Law Self-Help website provides access to Florida Supreme Court approved Family Law Forms.

Ordering Dissolution of Marriage Packets

The Clerk and Comptroller's office has the appropriate Dissolution of Marriage packets available for purchase, or you may order the forms by mail or phone. You may also print out 12th Judicial Circuit Family Division form packets from the 12th Judicial Circuit.

Types of Divorce and Requirements

No Dependent or Minor Children, and No Property
Property, But No Dependent or Minor Children
With Dependent or Minor Children