CLERK AND COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE HOURS:  The Sarasota County Clerk and Comptroller's offices are open for business at all locations. 

General Responsibilities

1. Duties as a Member of the Court:

2. Duties as County Recorder:

  • Process tax deed applications and conduct sales
  • Record and index deeds, mortgages and descriptions of all county property
  • Record all tax liens and claims against estates, instruments of conveyance, agreements, contracts, maps and plats of subdivisions and surveys
  • Maintain public microfilm libraries and a records storage facility
  • Process passports
  • Administer records management services for county offices under the Board of County Commissioners

3. Duties as Ex-Officio Clerk and Accountant to the Board of County Commissioners:

  • Attend all meetings of the Board of County Commissioners, and committees of the Board, as directed
  • Produce, record, index and distribute the official minutes of these meetings
  • Maintain legal custody of the Official County Seal
  • Serve as custodian of all county resolutions, ordinances and contracts
  • Process appeals before the Value Adjustment Board
  • Serve as Clerk and Recording Secretary to the Value Adjustment Board, Charter Review Board, and the Code Enforcement Magistrate

4. Duties as Custodian of County Funds and County Auditor:

  • Provide accounting services to county departments under the Board of County Commissioners
  • Provide accounting treatment for all fiscal changes implemented by the Board
  • Investment of available county funds
  • Provide financial reporting to the Board and all federal and state agencies
  • Process accounts payable
  • Audit all county expenditures
  • Process county payroll
  • Review county government management and accounting controls