CLERK AND COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE HOURS:  The Sarasota County Clerk and Comptroller's offices are open for business at all locations. 

Duties and Functions of the Clerk and Comptroller

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The Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller is characterized as one whose duties are not purely ministerial, but rather an integral part of the entire county governmental process. As an officer of the court, the Clerk is endowed with certain authority to aid and promote the judicial process. Additionally, the Clerk's authority as an Elected County Officer, with responsibilities as auditor and custodian of all county funds, allows the Clerk to provide a check and balance function on behalf of local government and the citizens of Sarasota County, Florida.

The origins of the Clerk of Court's office extend into early English history. In times past, the custody of court records was entrusted to one of the judges. However, it soon became apparent that the judge alone was unable to preside over the argument, record the proceedings and issue writs. Consequently, the Office of the Clerk of Courts was created. Subordinate judicial officials were chosen from among the clergy, the only literate group at the time. Thus, the name clerk is derived from the Latin "clericus", meaning clergyman. In the English colonies, officers of the common pleas courts were known as county clerks, a title that continues to be used in most states today.

The functions and duties of Clerks vary from state to state. In most jurisdictions, the Clerk is generally vested with a large number of administrative duties. In Florida, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is a constitutional officer created by Article V, Section 16, of the Constitution of the State of Florida. In Sarasota County, Florida, the Clerk is not only Clerk of the Circuit and County Court, but also the County Treasurer, Recorder, Auditor, Finance Officer and Ex-Officio Clerk of the County Commission.

In a study done by the Joint Select Committee on Judicial Personnel of the Florida Legislature, it was calculated that the Clerk's office performs 926 different tasks. Since then, these tasks have continued to grow with changes in legislation, regulations, and reporting requirements. Some of the more significant duties of the Clerk are summarized here.