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County Recorder: Official Records

As County Recorder, the Clerk accepts documents which are numbered and placed in the Official Records of the County. Upon payment of statutory fees, the Clerk will record a variety of instruments such as deeds, leases, bills of sale, agreements, mortgages, judgments, claims of lien, satisfactions, certificates of discharge from military service, and any other instruments, required or authorized to be recorded by law.

The recorder collects statutory document tax and other filing fees for recorded and e-recorded filings on behalf of the State of Florida. Click here for a list of current filings and recording fees.

A Declaration of Domicile is a sworn statement that you are a bona fide resident and maintain a place of abode in Sarasota County.

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e-Recording is the process of submitting, receiving, and processing documents via the Internet through a third-party vendor. Documents that have traditionally been delivered or mailed to the Recorder's office by runner, express mail, or courier services can now be processed with e-Recording, simplifying and accelerating all aspects of the recording process. The most commonly e-Recorded documents are Deeds, Mortgages, Assignment of Mortgages, and Satisfaction of Mortgages. Click here to go to the e-Recording page.

For information about ficitious name registration, contact the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations at www.sunbiz.org, or for questions regarding online registration, call (850) 245-6058.

  • For records of ficticious names filed in Sarasota County, FL in 1985 or earlier, contact the Clerk and Comptroller's Public Access Department at (941) 861-7400 or email pagroup@scgov.net.

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A Notice of Commencement is a notarized statement filed with the Clerk of Court, authorizing and detailing work to be performed, the location's legal description, and name and address of individual requesting work.

  • Check first with your city or town for instructions on filing your Notice of Commencement (NOC). Forms can be obtained online or from office supply stores that carry legal forms.
  • The Notice of Commencement must be signed by the owner and no one else is authorized to sign in his stead.
  • A certified copy of the Notice of Commencement is required to be posted on the job site.

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