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Internal Audit and Investigative Services


The Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller derives audit authority from the Florida State Constitution and Florida Laws.


In the role of County Auditor, the Clerk functions as the internal auditor of Sarasota County Government, and has established the Office of Internal Audit to carry out that function. This office is independent of the Board of County Commissioners and its Administration.

Internal Audit operates under the guidance of professional audit standards and professional codes of conduct. All members of the Office are certified in at least one of the following areas of expertise: Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, or Certified Information Systems Auditor. Several members of Internal Audit hold dual certifications.

Audit services: In accordance with professional standards and codes of conduct, Internal Audit provides independent, objective and unbiased assessments of Sarasota County government practices. The office applies a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating Sarasota County Government operational, compliance, and fiscal risks. It also examines management control practices and assesses strategic business governance activities. Internal audit reports are available by fiscal year.

Internal Audit 2015 Fiscal Year Reports

Internal Audit 2014 Fiscal Year Reports

Internal Audit 2013 Fiscal Year Reports

Internal Audit 2012 Fiscal Year Reports

Internal Audit 2011 Fiscal Year Reports

Internal Audit 2010 Fiscal Year Reports

Internal Audit 2009 Fiscal Year Reports



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