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Domestic Partnership Registry

The County Recorder began accepting registrations to the Sarasota County Domestic Partnership Registry on Thursday, March 13, 2014.


On November 6, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County, Florida, passed and duly adopted an Ordinance creating Article XII of Chapter 62 of the Code of Ordinances, establishing a domestic partnership registry in Sarasota County.


Sarasota County Ordinance #2013-037 states that a Domestic Partner means one of two individuals who are parties to a domestic partnership, and that a Domestic Partnership means a committed domestic relationship between two individuals that meets all of the criteria described in Section 62 -337 of Article XII.

To register, partners must complete an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership Registration, provide a recording fee and apply in person with two witnesses. The Affidavit form is available at the Clerk’s office, or is downloadable. Fees may be paid by cash, credit card, check, or money order payable to the Sarasota County Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller. All credit card transactions are subject to a 3.5% non-refundable fee, assessed by a third-party payment processor (MyFloridaCounty.com).

Complete your registration by visiting a Clerk’s Office business location, either at the Main Office (2000 Main Street, Sarasota, Florida 34237) or the Venice Branch Office (4000 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, Florida 34293). Registering requires that both parties are present at the time the paperwork is filed, and have brought two witnesses. Upon completion and recordation, registrants will receive a Certificate of Registration.

The Affidavit of Domestic Partnership Registration and any other documents related to Ordinance #2013-037 will be open for public inspection in the Official Records of Sarasota County, Florida. Additional available forms include an Ammendment to the Affidavit, and Termination of Partnership by one or both parties.

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