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Jury Duty Scam Again Reported in Sarasota County

Post Date:01/12/2017

DATE:     January 12, 2017

RE:         Jury Duty Scam Again Reported In Sarasota County

SARASOTA, FL—— The Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller warns the community of the resurgence of the jury duty phone scam: Citizens are being called and informed that there is a warrant out for their arrest due to missing jury duty. The caller presents themselves as a Sarasota County Sheriff, and requests that either a green dot reloadable card or cash be presented within 2 hours in order to avoid arrest and incarceration.

There is no such process at the Sarasota County Clerk of Court or Jury Office. Clerk of Court and Sheriffs employees do not initiate phone calls for missed jury duty, do not demand payment by phone, and do not request personal financial information. Court-related communications are sent through normal mail. Jury summons, court appearance, or failure to appear notices are not communicated via phone or email. Important tips to remember:

  • Clerk or Sheriff’s representatives will not contact a citizen by phone regarding failure to appear for court.
  • The Clerk’s Office does not phone or e-mail individuals to request cash payment, and does not request payment via prepaid debit or green dot card.
  • If a caller threatens you, hang up. Protecting yourself against telephone-based scams is simple: Call the Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller’s Office at (941) 861-8000 to determine whether the caller’s claims are legitimate.

Unless you have initiated the call, never give out your personal information over the telephone.



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